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Turn Your Resolutions Into A Healthy Lifestyle – 3 Weeks to Fitting Into Your Favorite Jeans, Rejuvenate Your Body and Wake Up Feeling Unstoppable Every Morning – Even On Your Crazy Schedule

A Platform for Modern Women to Create Healthy Habits & Live Consciously


The Well Space is the ultimate platform to help overwhelmed female founders and exhausted executives create holistic wellbeing through mindset mastery and healthy habits formation that’s based on a scientific analysis of clients’ personality traits. We empower women to shop sustainably and according to their values, so they can do their part to pass on a better planet for the next generation while concurrently transforming their own lives.

Every woman’s lifestyle is different, but “experts” insist on parroting the same old tired fitness and diet advice to everyone. And when it doesn’t work, we’re told to be more disciplined and “try harder”.

At The Well Space, we believe that healthy changes should fit your life, not the other way around, so personalization is baked into all of our programs. We embrace your bio-individuality to design the best nutrition and fitness plans for you. And we harness the power of your personality to make the healthy changes feel so natural and fun that losing weight is just the cherry on top.

To help you revitalize your wellbeing and consume consciously at the same time, we offer personal coaching with our head coach Dr. Franziska, as well as online programs, our favorite simple, healthy recipes, time-bound challenges, and a supportive community. You’ll also find free educational videos on how to incorporate healthy changes into your busy schedule on our show, The WellSpace TV.

We all write our own scripts in life—rewrite the way you think about wellness and practice self-care and conscious consumption at the same time to heal yourself and the Earth.

Our Manifesto

We are Wellseekers.

We prioritize our health because we know self-care is the foundation of success.

We think long-term: we foster permanent habits now so you can be well for life.

We know we gain time through becoming more productive by spending time on activities that promote our energy and wellbeing in the long run.

We know our health is the best investment we can make, and we won’t let sticker prices be an excuse to do nothing.

We know that the small changes we make today will compound into the huge successes of tomorrow. Building tiny habits paves the way to mastering life-changing habits.

We reframe healthy living to be a privilege, not a punishment. We don’t sadly watch others eat dessert—we crowd out temptations by treating ourselves to our favorite healthy foods every day, without limits.

When we celebrate, we treat ourselves to things that reward us back, and get double the benefits.

We believe in being a part of something bigger. We aren’t afraid to vote with our dollars when it comes to food sustainability, because we’re committed to passing on a better planet for the next generation.

We approach goals scientifically. We understand that nutrition accounts of 70% of weight loss results, so we focus on eating right.

We’re also aware that our bio-individuality means we react differently to foods than others. So we experiment with different foods to find the best diet for our specific lifestyles.

We understand that we’re never alone, and surround ourselves with other Wellseekers who support us through setbacks (and successes).

We look up to role models who have travelled this journey to a healthy lifestyle before us. But we also understand the difference that having an active mentor makes.

We know that a great coach can 10x our chances of success, and help us implement healthy changes faster. Someone that takes the time to discover our unique personality, triggers, and motivations could give tailored advice, instead of generic tips that haven’t worked in the past.

We are Wellseekers.

Meet Franziska Alesso, Founder of The Well Space

Meet Our Founder Dr. Franziska Alesso

Dr. Franziska Alesso is an empowering, body confidence creating, certified holistic health coach that helps busy women create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

By uncovering and harnessing her clients’ personality types, Dr. Franziska suggests lifestyle changes that play to their unique strengths instead of trying to force a one-size-fits-all approach. Her unique, practical, and simple approach has helped her clients reclaim control of their eating and restore their confidence.

As a health coach, Dr. Franziska has trained with the world’s top health & wellbeing experts. In her practice she has helped dozens of women adopt a healthy lifestyle that works for their personality and schedule.

Having worked in the agriculture supply chain for years, Dr. Franziska knows both the producer and consumer side of food. And as a former high-level executive and then management consultant, she has lived through the challenges professional women face when trying to prioritize self-care.

Her training and experience makes her the foremost expert on the best foods to eat, practical habit creation, and fitting self-care into a busy schedule. Read more about Dr. Franziska here.

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