Support Sustainability: Save the Planet by Living Healthier

Today, I come to with a topic that is very close to my heart — and I believe that it should be for all of us:


With over 7.4 billion people in the world (imagine that!) and rising living standards, the demand for natural resources — like clean air, water, land, oxygen-generating lush forests, or fertile soil to grow our food on — increases every single day.

And we human beings use these resources in a way that has become unsustainable, which means that future generations will not be able to continue living like this without depleting them.

I believe that all of us should feel responsible for preserving the natural resources on our wonderful planet for future generations. But often, I find that we over-think sustainability, or we are unsure how we as individuals can take part in saving our planet.

And that’s why I want to break it down for you today. I’m going to give you 6 simple changes to your diet and habits that you can start doing right now.

And even better: These six changes are going to make you healthier as well! So you can make a huge difference to our planet, to the sustainability movement, and to your health all at the same time!

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After you’ve watched the video, I want you to take action.

I want you to think about meals you’re going to have tonight and tomorrow, and find ways to make them better for your health and for the planet. For example, you might consider having a vegetarian day tomorrow.

Comment below with your ideas!

In health & happiness,

Signature Franziska

P.S. – Learn all about how you can do your part in saving the planet, and live healthier — all in one — in today’s episode of The Well Space TV.

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