How Much Water Should I Drink? Getting Optimal Hydration

We all should know it: Drinking enough water each day helps us to feel better, look better, and perform better.

Not without reason, high-performing and beautiful people like athletes and supermodels mention it again and again as one of their secrets to success.

But did you know that our bodies consist of about 60% water?

So, being hydrated means helping our bodies to perform at its best, get rid of unwanted toxins, and it makes us look youthful and radiant. Who doesn’t want that? And all just through simply being consistent with the inexpensive, easy-to-do habit of drinking more water.

But you might ask yourself:

How much water should I drink?

And are other healthy drinks just as good?

What if I can’t stand still water (like many of my clients)?

These, and many more questions, I answer in today’s episode of The Well Space TV. And I think you’ll be surprised by some of my answers.

Today’s Well Tweet to share on Twitter is: I Use Water as My Fountain of Life and Youth

In the video, I mention a previous episode of The Well Space TV on the 5 Pillars of Well-being and how to create healthy habits around them. Access it here.

And after you have watched today’s video, I want to hear from you: Are you a plain-water kind of girl? Or do you need some flavor in your beverage, like most Americans do? Share with me, and the other women in our community, what your favorite healthy drink is. Comment below!

Keep nurturing your health and happiness, and always remember: There’s only one you – let’s make it the best you ever!


With much love,

Signature Franziska

P.S. – Get my guide to optimal hydration (even if you hate plain water!) in today’s episode of The Well Space TV.

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