Healthy Smoothies: Your Ultimate Guide to Unleashing Their Power

Healthy smoothies are a great alternative if you have no time to sit down for a healthy breakfast…

Or as your nutrient-loaded snack in between…

Or whenever you crave either a pick-me-up or calm-me-down or just need a boost of flavor or nutrients.

And most of us know, at least more or less, how to make a simple tasty fruit smoothie.

But did you know that with some simple tricks you can upgrade your smoothie to become a delicious, perfect, complete source of all the nutrients you need for year healthy, happy and powered life?

Tune into today’s episode of The Well Space TV, and let I show you how to unleash the power of your healthy smoothie to save you time and hassle when you’re short on time for a proper meal, or you need a boost of nourishment and flavor. Come with me into my kitchen!

And after you’ve watched the video, I want you to make a super healthy smoothie!

Pick your healthy base, your favorite fruits or veggies, your boost and your liquid of choice. And be adventurous! Think of new, surprising ways to create an awesome healthy drink. And one that helps you with your personal health goals, like getting energy or satisfying your chocolate cravings in the most awesome way. Comment below with your ideas for your most powerful smoothie.

Download the recipe for my Chocolate Treat Smoothie here.

In the video I mention my previous episode of The Well Space TV on the basics of healthy eating. Check it out here.

I also mention my previous video on how to supercharge your life with superfoods. Find it here.

Today’s Well Tweet to share on Twitter is: I Unleash my Power by Upgrading to my Perfect Healthy Smoothie.

With Much Love,
Signature Franziska

P.S. – Unleash the superpowers of your healthy smoothies. Learn how in today’s episode of The Well Space TV.

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