Fit for Life: 5 Ways to Get Back into Exercise


One thing that many of my clients struggle with when they first come to see me is getting back into a healthy exercise regime.

Because even if you’re 100% motivated about changing your lifestyle to be healthier, sorting out your diet and then maintaining it is one thing, but actually getting up and finding your way back to healthy exercise is way more difficult — or at least it was for me.

In today’s episode of The Well Space TV, I share my 5 steps to jump-start your healthy workout routine, whilst being kind to yourself, so you enjoy moving for the rest of your life. Check out the video!

Today’s Well Tweet is: “I Love To Move Because That’s What My Body’s Made For.”

And after you’ve watched the video, I hope you’re ready to move!!!

Let’s take action for today and get your moves on! And start feeling the amazing effect it has on your body. Depending on where you are right now, reading this post: Put on a fun song and start dancing around! Move your hips, stretch out, stand up and walk around. Go and talk to someone in person instead of sending an email. Move!

Then come back and share below how this made you feel. Energized and Happy? Hell, yeah!

Shake it girl! With love,

Signature Franziska

P.S. – Check out my video today for 5 steps to a healthy exercise routine that lasts you a lifetime.

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