Meet Franziska Alesso, Founder of The Well Space

Hi, I’m Franziska

My clients like to call me the “Cheering Strategist”, because I’m an empowering, body confidence creating, certified holistic nutritionist, who teaches busy women how to shift their body image, create the right mindset to be healthy, make their personality type work for them when seeking health success, and create solid routines that take them towards life-long health and well-being. 

I have a very straightforward, practical and simplifying approach towards life and well-being management and this has gained me many happy clients over the years. Due to my former career as a high-level executive and then management consultant, I can closely relate to the challenges professional women face when trying to prioritize self-care. But through personal experience, I also know why this is a necessity in order to stay strong, performant and happy. 

I’m a mom of twin toddlers, love lush forests and the beach, and nothing more than a piece of cake (gluten-& sugar-free, of course). Originally from Germany, I now call Miami, Florida her home. 

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The AHA Moment That Sparked It All

At first glance, I had it all. 2 years into my high powered job at a top professional services firm, I had secured a well-paid position in an area I was passionate about, a life in one of the most exciting cities in the world, a happy engagement, and the opportunity and financial means to travel to my heart’s content.

There was just one small problem: I wasn’t happy.

And I didn’t know how to explain it to my friends and family. After all, my life just seemed so perfect; what could have been wrong?

But my body was signaling that there was something wrong, and it was adamantly trying to tell me: I had bad skin, no energy, and symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, despite any tests coming back negative.

So I did what I knew best—I took off to travel, and embarked on a soul-searching journey at the same time.

It was during my honeymoon in one of the most beautiful places in the world that I had my big AHA! moment. Like many busy modern women, I had relied on coffee, sugar, and alcohol to energize and relax me to be the high-achiever I always strove to be.

But on that trip, I met my resort’s nutritionist and personal trainer, and that convinced me to experiment with a detox that cut out and cleansed my body of all the energy crashers.

It was the first step to reinvigorating my life.

In 2013, I switched to clean eating and has never looked back. I love how only putting good food into my body makes me look great, feel energized, sleep soundly, have radiant skin—just about everything!

And changing my nutrition became the trigger to making other life changes.

After years of traveling, racking up accomplishments, and chasing exotic experiences to make me feel fulfilled, I realized that true fulfillment isn’t found outward—it happens inward.

The secret to feeling fulfilled is to:


Start with Yourself

So I embarked on a journey to get to know myself better, and ask the big questions: what did I really want in life? What truly made me happy? What made me feel fulfilled? What compelled me to endeavor to change the world? What did I care most about? What moments filled my with irrational joy? And also, why?

I tuned out the dogma that tried to tell me who I should be, and listened to my own voice instead. I slowed down and paid attention to who I was, independent of my accomplishments and labels.

And of course, I made it my top priority to take care of myself first, before anyone or anything else.

I scheduled personal time to reflect on and deconstruct what triggered and motivated my strongest habits. And then I used those insights to redesign my habits and routines to make space for self care and reconnect with my biggest passions (like food and nature).

I have become obsessed with how to build the cornerstone habits of well-being, and after a thorough investigation of why some people succeed in making transformational life changes where others fail, I have  finally cracked the code.

And I don’t withhold my secrets when helping my clients:


“Franziska’s work with me has served as a catalyst for me to commit to eating clean and taking better care of myself—this is no minor feat”

—Avery, Founder of The Startup Consulting Group



I hail from a small German town, where I grew up with a huge family of 2 sisters, 12 uncles and aunts, and 9 cousins. Since both my parents worked full time, me and my sisters spent a lot of quality time with our grandparents.

My grandmother cooked delicious meals for us, and taught us how to tend the mouthwatering variety of fruits and vegetables in her organic garden.

I vividly remembers summering in the family holiday home that was tucked away in a tiny village. We spent hours exploring the nearby lake and lush forests: building tiny houses out of branches, fashioning tools with small trees, and growing our own produce.

You could say that these childhood adventures were what sowed my passion for gardening, plants, and the splendors of nature.

My globetrotting parents met whilst on a trip to Ukraine, and they passed on their love of travel. By the time I was 20, I had trekked to over 20 countries (mostly in Europe) and spoke 5 languages.

My curiosity of foreign cultures compelled me to live life as a local in 4 different countries (and counting!) Travelling around the world will always be one of my favorite pastimes, and I can’t wait to pass it onto my kids.

I currently live by the beach with my husband and three boys, where they bask under the Miami sun yearlong. Although I haven’t had the time to grow a full-fledged organic garden, I love caring for the little collection of herbs and plants I grow on my balcony.


Career & Years of Success

I joined a big multinational corporation fresh out of high school, and pursued my Masters in Economics whilst working full time, as well as later completing an MBA.

Because I was interested in consumer behavior (and enjoyed studying) I earned a PhD in social sciences part time, whilst building my career as a high-profile executive.

In 2007, I moved to Brazil with my company. Although I originally planned to stay for 2 years, I fell in love with the country and the people and ended up staying for 4—finally putting my passion for nature and food back to work.

During this time, I collaborated with farmers all over Latin America to increase the sustainability of their grains, wine, coffee, fruits and vegetables production. These efforts helped reduce their carbon footprint on the environment, and positively contributed to their communities.  I also worked with multinational food and food supply chain companies to help them put sustainability into practice.

These years were definitely the period of my strongest personal and professional growth. I became a candidate for a high executive position.

But I couldn’t help but wonder: what’s next?

I had accomplished my goals at the company and was ready to move back to Europe. But I had the travel bug, and itched for adventure. Before leaving the continent, I decided to embark on a 3-month sabbatical to explore the countries in Latin America that I haven’t visited yet.

And my instincts were right.

During my trip, I met my (now) husband, and later moved to London with him. There, I joined one of the leading management consulting firms that advised international companies on how to put sustainability into action and contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

At this time, I was struck with my AHA moment, which kick-started my journey of self-discovery and ultimately set me on the path to put my well-being first, and to help others do the same.


Why I Founded The Well Space

I have made it my life’s mission to pass on my enthusiasm for healthy well-being and environmental conscientiousness to other women.

I want to help them implement healthy habits tailored to their unique situation and lifestyle, instead of trying to stick a generic, one-size-fits-all solution on everyone. And I want to pass on the real-life solutions that have helped me and my clients to Be Well, Do Well, and ultimately, Live Well.

As a certified raw nutritionist, I know that what you eat is the foundation of wellness. That’s why I shars delicious meals that are also nourishing and super easy to make, here.

Also, since I am super social (and everything’s much more fun in a group!) I created the Well Space community, where like-minded women can cheer each other on and keep themselves accountable on their journey to well-being and making a positive impact.

So if you’re ready to finally live healthier and with more well-being, sign up for The Well Space’s insiders list!

See you on the inside!


“With Franziska I finally found someone who could relate to me and speak to me in terms of what works best for my specific lifestyle”

—Alice, Founder of Sophistikid and AC DesignHouse